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The new way to hang lamps.

Dezall develops smart and elegant interior decoration and design products.  

Dezall Lamptops is a new ceiling rose which makes it possible to get a nice ending at the very top of your pendant lamp.

Thanks to a unique and simple construction, our lamptop sits perfectly straight to the ceiling. It is now simple to suspend the lamp, without using tools or making extra screwholes in the ceiling, and, the ceiling rose has definitely room for all the remaining cord etc. that is to be hidden.


Vary your room with your own colours.


Tjus                                            Kub                                           Round                                Musica

'Lamptops' is Dezall's first product line - our smart lighting fixtures, make a big difference from earlier methods. The two first ceiling cup models "Tjus" and "Kub" were first launched on the market towards the end of 2008. "Round" and "Musica" entered the market in 2011.
Dezall's ceiling cups are sold in more than 100 stores around Sweden and also a few in Denmark, Norway and Finland. 

Smart(-er) lamp assembly.

Have you also been longing for a a time when the cover at the top of a pendant lamp sits straight, is large enough and doesn't slide down the cord? And possibly also has a good-looking design?


Dezall's patented ceiling suspension is very easy to use as the canopy is dividable. You close the bottom part around the cord and thereafter connect it to a special assembly hung on the ceiling hook. It can then simply be screwed upwards until it sits straight to the ceiling! 
Click on the film up on the
 right to see how it works.

Above: tilting ceiling rose... 


By using our clever canopy suspension, the pendant lamp sits in place in no time:



Get inspired by our canopies in various interiors by viewing our different pdf's below, or by visiting Dezall's photostream on Flickr here

Pics+function Dezall lamptops.   Interior views Dezall's range.  Facts models and measures.





Dezall Lamptops are available in selected lighting shops, interior decoration shops and design shops in Sweden. They are also sold in a few selected stores in Denmark, Norway and Finland. See the page "Butiker".


Keep an eye open for further shops during the spring! 



Does your store want to sell Dezall Lamptops?


Do you have a shop selling lighting, lamps or smart design accessories? We sell our ceiling roses through both lighting shops, interior decoration shops and design shops. If you are interested in becoming a reseller, please contact us at


We are also currently looking for agents in several European markets, please contact us for more information!



Press information.


On the page 'Press', all press releases are available for download. High resolution photos can be sent upon request. Please contact us at


Browse and download photos of our elegant ceiling roses from Dezall lamptops' photostream on Flickr here



Extract of press releases;


Launch of Dezall's new ceiling rose models, spring 2011:


Dezall launches the two spring lamptop models "Round" and "Musica".

Dezall's two new ceiling rose models are designed to meet the trend of the spring with more colour and function in the interior. The model "Round" has a soft, minimalistic shape which matches the Scandinavian design language, while "Musica" is more city chic with its strict shape and elegance.
- With the lamptops' perfect fit against the ceiling in combination with a nice design and colour, we want to increase the "ambiance" in the room and at the same time accentuate the ceiling lamp's place in our interior decoration, says Karin Ljungren, MD at Dezall.
Dezall's two new models come in many different colours and finish to match and accentuate different interior design styles both in private homes and in public spaces.
Dezall's lamptop "Tjus" was also awarded the big European design prize "Red dot design award" 2010 for its smart function and elegant design. 
About Dezall lamptops
Dezall lamptops have a totally unique and patented assembly which makes the pendant lamp sit perfectly tight against the ceiling. The lamptop or ceiling rose is fast and simple to mount, while you don't need to cut the cord or make screw holes in the ceiling. 


Northern Light Fair in Stockholm 2010:


Obviously, it's possible to be both good-looking and clever. 

Finally, tilting ceiling covers are history. Dezall shows a new lamptop which makes a statement, as well as blends into the room. It sits perfectly against the ceiling and is very simple to mount. Good-looking and clever. At the same time. Welcome to stand C01:28 to see the smart colours and function. 


Left: Musica ceiling roses with white and black textile cords.
Tjus ceiling roses with red textile cords.        


Left:    White Tjus ceiling rose with white pendant shade. 
Chrome Tjus ceiling roses with white and orange textile cords.



* The lamps in the pictures are only for display purposes and come from Catarina Larsson (, Belid (, and Watt&Veke.


- elegant ceiling roses for those who yaern for clever solutions!


Have a look at how easy it can be to install a pendant lamp!

In our Youtube clip, you can see how you easily get the lamp to sit perfectly to the ceiling.


Welcome to visit our on-line store Dezall shop!

Finally you can buy all our lamptop models directly from our showroom.


Round and Musica -
our two latest models

Dezall Round - one of our latest canopy models

Dezall Musica - our fourth canopy model

Latest model release 2011:
Two new models of our smart lighting fixtures were launched on the market! Round and Musica.  See more photos on the page "Bilder".

Musica ceiling rose
with white textile cord.

Dezall Lamptops were appointed winner of the renowned European design award red-dot design award 2010!


Click above to see how easily the function works

Link to Youtube


Click to read Dezall's info display on how to suspend a lamp:



"Everyone recognizes the challenge of getting a lamp to sit straight to the ceiling.   Dezall Lamptops is a brilliant and simple light fitting which really works. The design and the stylish colours can really make a difference in every home!“

Simon Davies, Interior decoration designer, lead in the TV show “Design Simon&Tomas” and owner of the shop London W8 in Stockholm.

Orange Tjus ceiling rose with white ball pendant.



Dezall Round white matt ceiling cup with white textile cord.


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